With the price of the Omega Seamaster Replica and Tudor how to choose?

Before the start, I have to say, high-end watch is essentially an ornament, buy what table is completely personal preferences, what to buy is right; high-end watch is a luxury, not a tool, luxury goods do not exist cost, Will be like a car that exists, 8-cylinder is better than the 4-cylinder, such an absolute standard. However, when someone faces two watches is difficult to choose, if we only casually told him, “buy which are right”, obviously this is irresponsible, no assertive performance. So, below I will show you the basis of my choice.
I would like to talk about the first question is that the Omega Seamaster replica and the imperial rudder is not at the same price?

The use of 2500 movement of the Seamaster 300 meters diving table is clearly not representative of the mainstream level of Omega, although it is cheap.
Let’s take a look at the public price of the Omega Seamaster and the imperial rudder. Omega market there are four Seamaster, respectively, Seamaster 300 meters diving table, Seamaster aqua terra, Seamaster 300, Seamaster marine universe. First of all I would like to exclude the Seamaster 300 meters diving table, because the Seamaster 300 meters diving table and Omega current movement configuration is not a level, the Seamaster 300 meters diving table is still using the old model movement, we can not use 2500 to represent Omega The mainstream level. The remaining three Seamaster, Seamaster aqua terra the public price is the lowest, the use of new to Zhen coaxial movement, the belt version of the price of 40,000 yuan in the beginning (steel chain 44,800 yuan).
The use of ETA2824 movement of the “flowers” is clearly not on behalf of the Tudor mainstream level.
Tudor side, the imperial rudder water ghost there are two main. One is the use of ETA2824 movement of the old “flowers”, one is the Tudor currently use the new self-produced movement MT5612 / 5602 “small shield.” Similarly, we can not use ETA movement to represent the main level of Tudor. The current use of self-produced movement MT5612 / 5602 steel steel chain “small shield” in the public price of 30,000 yuan. At the same time, between the gold version of the small shield, because the cheap replica watches has K gold, the price to re-1 million, to 40,000 yuan (some of which are not listed in the domestic market, the value can not be accurate).
So we see that the steel Seamaster aqua terra than the steel shield small shield price of 10,000, not a price.

But just watch the watch price is meaningless.
Watch market is very interesting, because many players buy the table, will not be in accordance with the price of the transaction. For example, a public price of 14 million gold table, in the exchange rate, the secondary market and other factors, the final price may only 40,000 yuan; Rolex price 95,000 ceramic Ditong take the actual transaction price to more than 110,000 Yuan, the market is the real situation, so sometimes the price is meaningless.

Omega Seamaster aqua terra is the Omega Seamaster, the most marked one.
Omega Seaweed Aqua Terra Regardless of the different models, the Seamaster aqua terra is a well-supplied replica watches that we can buy at the Omega store at any time. At the same time, in the exchange rate, discount, secondary market conditions, we can use the price below the price to buy this watch. Tudor water ghost “little shield” The current situation is that this is a watch can not buy in the store. In order to be more accurate, I call a number of Beijing Tudor stores, counters, are no goods (June 14). So I now buy Tudor water ghost “little shield” way only secondary market. Tudor water ghost “small shield” after all, not Rolex single red sea need to increase the price, Tudor is a discount, so the same will be lower than the price of public price to buy, but because the supply is small, so the price will be higher.

Tudor use self-produced movement of the water ghost “small shield” on behalf of the Tudor current mainstream level.
In the context of the above, the price of the Omega Aqua terra and the Dili water ghost “Little Shield” is not the actual price difference, although the price of the Omega aqua terra is more expensive than the steel rudder ghost “little shield”, but due to the supply situation, the actual transaction The price of the two in a basic range (Tudor prices lower). I do not value the price, but I value the price. Because this is what I actually took out from the wallet price. This is the reason I entangled, because their price is not too much difference.
Then it depends on the watch itself, but it also makes me embarrassed.
Because these two watches are very nice. To my personal aesthetic, I can not in these two watches, who look good, who is not good to make a choice, I like. So take a look at the movement it. Although I often write a write movement, but in practice, I almost do not care about the movement, I never felt what ETA movement is not good, did not feel that a self-produced movement better than the ETA. The Seamaster aqua terra’s trending coaxial movement represents the highest level of Omega, and the “small shield” of the MT5612 / 5602 represents the highest level of Tudor. Omega has through the end, the movement has a certain decorative polished; Tudor is close. Two movements have a relatively long power, Omega has 60 hours, Tudor 70 hours. There are Observatory certification, because Omega is their own to Zhen astronomical station certification, the standard is 0 / +5 seconds per day; Tudor is the routine Observatory certification, -4 / +6 seconds per day. Two movements are using silicon gossamer, meaning that both tables have a good anti-magnetic ability. So we can see that in normal use, the performance of the two watches will be very similar, there is no particularly significant difference (I think no one will care about the difference of 1 second, 2 seconds). Not like Portugal 7, 7-day chain, there is obviously more than the regular watch place. Omega to Zhen coaxial 15000 Gaussian magnetism is a good feature, but we all know, compared to the actual effect, its symbolic significance.

Omega to the Observatory 8500 movement (on) and Tudor production MT5602 movement (below), two movements have similar performance indicators, we can see the movement of the Omega has a better decoration, but we should pay attention To the Tudor is close, do not need to show the movement.
The price is similar, aesthetic, similar to the movement, so I had to choose from other aspects.
High-end watch is a luxury, for these two watches eventually I can only from the brand value to do the final choice. For many people, the Omega is higher than the Tudor, but taking into account some important Tudor table, often shoot more than ten million, is a normal thing, so Tudor is also a very powerful brand, simply from the market on the public The price of a high brand that a brand low, meaningless. Finally I have to choose one, I chose Omega, for the following reasons.

When faced with the actual price of the opposite handmade Omega and Tudor, if you choose one, I will choose Omega.
Omega in the last century 70s, because of the times and other reasons, began to use the general movement, leading to brand status is affected. Put aside a variety of corporate mergers and acquisitions, changes, we intuitive to see is that Omega in the 21st century, began to gradually restore their brand positioning, brand value continues to improve, almost equal to Rolex, threatening Rolex. When I faced some of the new Omega table, I even had to abandon the idea of ​​Rolex. Although Rolex in the secondary market has invincible status, but Omega nearly two years of new table people more and more eager, always people have money impulse. Tudor the performance of the past two years is also very, but because the Tudor and Rolex is a. According to the brand positioning and business strategy, the end of the Tudor, is the beginning of Rolex. This means that Tudor will always be under Rolex. In other words, Tudor auction can be expensive, but the most expensive public price can only be more than 40,000 pieces Omega to the standard Rolex, and even the goal is more than Rolex, if the future to achieve it. The same price of Omega and Tudor, I chose the Omega, said a “illusory” reason, I chose the future of Omega.
You, how would you choose?

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