Omega Speedmaster replica watches sixtieth anniversary

Robert-Jan Broer is the founder of Fratello Watches, a well-known watch blog site, and the sponsor of the Speedy Online community. Around the world’s most iconic chronograph watch – Omega Speedmaster replica watches, he tells the story from the date of the launch to Speedy Online online community behind the story.

    • Can we tell us about how this “activity” started by Speedy Tuesday?
      I have been obsessed with the world’s great beauty and creative unlimited timepieces. Omega in 1967 launched the super professional watch is one of my favorite watch. One day in 2012, happened to be a Tuesday, I casually upload a picture of this watch on our blog site and mark it as “Speedy Tuesday”. From that day on, the idea began to shape, a casual picture push to become a “Speedy Tuesday” as the theme of the weekly fixed activities.
    • How many articles have you written about the Omega Speedmaster watch?
      Today, our team has released more than 250 articles on the Omega Speedmaster series, and there will be more articles in the future. These articles introduced the space has been entered the Omega Speedmaster watch, early super series, as well as the table fans and super story between the story. On the super watch, we have endless stories.
    • It is these stories that gather a super-series online community!
      Yes, the result is inevitable. These Speedy Tuesday related articles in our magazine reading in the lead, but also for the super replica watches to attract a large number of loyal fans and lovers. Speedy Tuesday’s fast-growing and popular event is spontaneous and closely related to the strong support of fans. Only in the social media Instagram, this topic has been shared more than 40,000 times.
    • In your opinion, why is there so many people involved in this topic? Can you explain why it is popular?
      I think this topic is so popular, in part because the Omega Speedmaster series itself is a very iconic watch, while it is also the moon when the human wear watch. Not only that, the price range has been very close to the people. I also believe that everyone likes to participate in the topic #SpeedyTuesday, but also because the online community behind and no commercial interests driven. It’s not hard to see that the other members of the editorial team and I have great interest and great enthusiasm for the Omega Speedmaster series. But in the end because the Omega Speedmaster watch itself is a very good timepiece. Even with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cooperation origin, super watch equipped with a quick time to read the dial, so as to become a landmark chronograph. Whether you already have a series of Omega Speedmaster series of classic watch collectors, or just from the Omega flagship store to buy a super watch new, everyone can join the #SpeedyTuesday online topic.
    • What is the speciality of this online community in the super series? It and other watch fans group What is the difference?
      About ten years ago, I have been to a watch line, the store’s display on the showcase several fine Omega Speedmaster series antique watch. Showcase is located in the center of the shop, when a man in order to carefully observe the details of these watches, the whole person almost to the ground, the table fans can really obsessed with the details of this. The shopkeeper told me that the fans of the Omega Speedmaster series are a group of special guests. They are a group of people who really care about the watch itself, the investment potential or money interests do not care. This summary is very accurate even now. Super series online community closely around the watch itself, of course, occasionally there will be discussions on the space project. But the community atmosphere is really very friendly, fans are very happy to help others find the details of the watch, or help find a specific watch or accessories. Another special feature is that this online community has received support from Omega. Omega’s museums and archives are actively engaged in recording the brand’s historic moments, collecting the most prestigious special timepieces of the brand, or helping the watch collectors with questions. Few watch brand can be like Omega so this investment, and super series online community is also very grateful to Omega’s strong support.

    • For you, is not the Omega Speedmaster replica watches uk has more than other watches “moving people” emotional connection?
      The answer is yes. Of course, this emotional connection is divided into two areas. First of all personal and watch between the special love, which applies to any one watch or brand. Often if you ask the owner of the Omega Speedmaster Series “Moon Table” why you will have this watch, you tend to get a very interesting personal anecdote. On the other hand, the super series and some of the major events in history, including even one of the greatest achievements of mankind, have a very close relationship. For those who have witnessed the glorious achievements of mankind in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, the Omega Speedmaster series has a very special significance. And for those who are born after this (such as me), or too young to understand what is happening, the super series may be a tangible between them and the history that can not be personally experienced Emotional connection.
    • Which story is the most interesting story in the story of the members of the Super League series?
      One of the most special moments I have ever experienced is that a former astronaut and his son found me that they had “some watch” but did not know the specific name. I made his son meet in my house, he took out a plastic bag on the table, which is loaded with a watch. These watch has a Omega Speedmaster series “Alaska Plan III” professional lunar table, it is one of the 56 watch produced in 1978. This watch left a deep impression on me, when I put it in the wrist, the heart could not tell the move. Other stories that make me feel like the superficial watch that was inherited and later lost, and at one night I received an e-mail from a well-known person at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) My essays on Speedy Tuesday are very good. All of which are of great significance to me. All in all, I am very grateful to those who sent me every day on the super watch and Speedy Tuesday story of the people.

  • What do you talk about when you get together?
    Everything about the watch series. We will discuss the details of the design of different superficial watch the source of inspiration (including antique watches), to study the next sought after “sacred things” will be what, as well as share the future development of Omega expectations, of course, we will talk about wrist Table storage box, text information and related books and so on. At the same time, ultra-fan fans take the initiative to collect and organize the rich watch information is also one of the hot spots to discuss. Chuck Maddox (who died in 2008) was the first person to watch online. Here to be particularly grateful to him, it is he ignited my great series of great enthusiasm. He collected the details of the super watch, is still a very important reference.
  • Do you think the super-series online community is still growing?
    Definitely. The number of readers with #SpeedyTuesday is increasing, and the number of readers about Speedy Tuesday is increasing. Not only that, I feel more enthusiastic about the activities of the line. We will hold some meetings from time to time, sometimes organized in cooperation with Omega, but I think we can also hold or participate in more. On the line to discuss the Super Series watch is interesting, but can and like-minded people meet the line chat is certainly a more exciting experience. As a result, social media has become a truly interesting tool to create opportunities for people to meet and make online communities a real social community.
  • Now you are inspired by the new Speedmaster Series Speedy Tuesday limited edition watch available! How do you feel about this?
    Can witness that Omega replica so support Speedy Tuesday this idea, and recognized its influence among the fans, this is a very incredible thing. Omega can create this new watch, and in which the special integration of our favorite super watch classic design elements, which I am very proud and proud of. Obviously, this special watch is released online for 4 hours and 15 minutes and 31 seconds to sell out, but also for Speedy Tuesday this event has created another incredible moment. It is gratifying that our feature articles, offline gatherings and picture push will continue in the future.

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