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If we were wondering what was next in Omega 321‘s product lineup, here is how the brand: the new Omega Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold replica watch, celebrating the Speedmaster’s 65th anniversary. By introducing such an exclusive 321-powered Omega “boutique” Speedmaster, Omega extends its heritage collection, and we hope other timepieces will come along the way.

The Omega Calibre 321 project

In making the most faithful and most precious Omega CK 2915 reissue so far, the brand has raised the bar so much that the AAA Omega Replica Canopus Gold looks like a contemporary luxurious hardcopy of the original Speedmaster. The CK 2915 prides itself on being the first chronograph to adopt an outer tachymeter scale and laid the foundations for everything Speedmaster, Moonwatch included, moving forward.

The glorious calibre 321 was gradually replaced by more cost-effective – and commercially viable – mass-produced hand-wound movements. Also, remember that the first-ever Best Omega Replica Watches Review came with a steel case and bracelet and played as a racing chronograph, considering how popular car racing was during the late 1950s and beyond.

Omega relaunched the 321, the first outcome being the Omega Cal 321 Ed White in steel, thus attracting plenty of vintage Omega 321 die-hard fans to eventually purchase the new one instead of a vintage timepiece adopting the same movement. As I once posted, I believe the Omega Calibre 321 project is the answer to a highly refined worldwide community of Omega collectors’ suggestions and requests.

With that said, the new Omega Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold Replica Watches Swiss Movement brings the term “exclusive” to new heights as never done so far. Regarding the product, the commemorative model is a one-to-one Omega CK 2915 reissue if we exclude the technical package, including Canopus Gold, the latest Omega‘s proprietary white gold alloy introduced with the Moonwatch Master Chronometer.

The Fake Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 in white gold comes with an exquisite 38.6 mm large case, measuring 13.92 mm in thickness, whose 19-mm lug width tapers to 15 mm on the folding clasp. Style and proportions make it the “Holy Grail Speedmaster”.

The timepiece also comes with the legendary “step dial” now crafted in black onyx, and whose bezel’s numerals are filled with “Grand Feu” enamel; the new Canopus Gold sounds like the ultimate vintage-inspired chronograph.

It kind of dilutes the vintage feel and ends up slightly covering the 321‘s intricate and stunning design, among the watch’s “talking points”. The Omega Speedmaster Replica Store comes in a curated wooden box that includes a loupe.

Omega’s modern Calibre 321

Here is one of the most respected Chrono calibres ever made; it was highly refined when it first appeared, and its contemporary reissue holds to the original version. The new one is hand-assembled at Omega Replica Buy Now premium “Atelier d’Excellence”. Reverse-engineered via tomography, the current 321 includes modern additions, like Sedna Gold™ plating on bridges and the main plate.

Also, it runs at the original 2,5 Hertz frequency while guaranteeing an improved 55-hour power reserve when fully wound. The fully-visible column-wheel – horizontal clutch activated – mechanism makes it for the ultimate Omega First Copy Watches. The whole assembly is carried out entirely by a single master-watchmaker.

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