Review: Omega De Ville Central Tourbillon Co-Axial Chronometer

By the turn of the 20th century, high quality copy watches became more popular than pocket watches, and the first era of tourbillons gradually faded. This is because the watch is worn on the wrist. During the course of a day, the wrist will experience a large number of but uncertain possible positions. This provides a balance of gravity on the escapement, so there is no need for the main benefit of a tourbillon that can normalize the effects of gravity.

The performance of tourbillon watches is often worse than that of well-made and well-tuned ordinary watches. But the image of the tourbillon is carried by this second wave, and with it comes the combination of prestige and exquisite craftsmanship.

Omega usa clone watches created twelve Calibre 30 I tourbillon movements with a diameter of only 30 mm. In these movements, the tourbillon spins at 7.5 minutes instead of the more standard 60 seconds.

This new watch must be different. Its innovation lies in the placement of a flying tourbillon and its frame in the center of the dial. This is the OMEGA calibre 1170, a truly extraordinary watch.

De Ville Central Tourbillon best clone watches swiss uses a 38.7 mm diameter 18k red gold case with matching red gold hands, screws and wheels. The case is a standard De Ville round case with a slanted polished bezel, stepped lugs and shoulders as a crown guard.

The crown itself is quite large, with ribbed edges, used to wind the movement. A separate auxiliary crown is located on the back of the super clone quality watches and is used to set the hands. The case has a waterproof rating of 30m, and the watch is housed in a box with a winding device.

The golden Alpha-style hour and minute hands are etched on two separate sapphire discs, and both sides are anti-reflective treatment. The two discs rotate around the central axis to display the time. There are faceted and diamond-polished pure gold hour markers at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Interestingly, when viewed from the side of the dial, there are four layers of sapphire glass between the observer and the movement-ordinary sapphire glass above the dial, two discs with hour and minute hands, and the Omega replica watches forum logo and ” Coaxial Observatory” text.

However, the transparency of the glass and the application of the anti-reflective coating make it appear completely transparent. In addition, because there is no proper dial, the tourbillon appears to rise from the movement. Quite spectacular.

It is true that the lack of contrasting dials also means that legibility in low light or certain lighting angles may be affected to a certain extent. The hands are flat because they are printed with gold on the sapphire glass disc, and the low contrast between the golden hands and the brown PVD coated movement plate is also a contributing factor.

The Omega 1:1 replica watches usa tourbillon itself is a great creation. Since its design is a flying tourbillon, there is no bridge to give full play to its charm. The cage is made of titanium with a hand-polished bevel. Finishing is the top drawer, suitable for high-end clocks.

The tourbillon is no longer just a device to enhance the timing, but a superb performance by the master watchmaker to show the superb craftsmanship. For example, angles are applied to the arms of the cage and used as the hands of the seconds hand. The balance spring has a visible upper ring on the sizable balance wheel, and the coaxial escapement is visible below the balance wheel.

The new Omega De Ville Tourbillon luxury replica watches uses a new central tourbillon movement, the 2635 movement. Except for the addition of an automatic winding system and a coaxial escapement, the basic structure is similar to the 1170 movement. On the back is a medal that occupies the center stage, engraved with the words “TOURBILLON”, and surrounds the Omega Earth logo.

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