Omega x Swatch — The MoonSwatch in Bioceramic

The MoonSwatch faithfully reimagines the classic Omega Speedmaster Replica form, with twisted lugs and asymmetrical case. Personally, I’ve always preferred twisted lugs to the original straight lugs, and the case works well in the kaleidoscope of Bioceramic hues.

Bioceramic is made from two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil, and is both light and incredibly hardwearing. The fact that the castor oil extract is grown means it is sustainable and therefore ticks a big environmental box, which is high on everybody’s agenda at present.

Getting back to the High Quality Omega MoonSwatch Replica models, the watches are incredibly faithful to the Speedmaster in all other aspects. They are the same size as the Moonwatch — 42mm in diameter and 13.25mm thick. The hands are the style we are all familiar with and the hour markers extend into the dial as per the classic Speedy. Even the tachymeter insert has a dot over 90.

Sure, it’s a fun play on the sports watch that went to the moon, but Omega wouldn’t put its most treasured name on anything that falls below its lofty standards. In fact, although part of the same family, Cheap Omega Replica is paying tribute to Swatch for its pioneering spirit that arguably saved the Swiss watchmaking industry when it launched amid the Quartz Revolution.

The MoonSwatch collection salutes the saviors of our industry in a witty and accessible way. The Swatches are perfect for budding Moonwatch fans, and I can’t think of a more appropriate icon for our shared project. We went to the moon, now we’re exploring the whole Milky Way. They’re great Omega Replica Watch, in fantastic colors, and they make me smile.”

Fantastic colors they are indeed. The MoonSwatch collection comprises 11 models that are executed in different colors, with each being named after a planetary body. Each watch has the new Wholesale Replica Omega x Swatch logo on the crown and dial, as well as “SPEEDMASTER” and “MoonSwatch”, with the Bioceramic case, including molded bezel, crown and pushers, in the same color. The bezel inserts and dials match on some models and are contrasting on others. The battery cover on the back of each watch features a depiction of its planet.

All the models are cool in their own right and clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, without becoming too gimmicky. Fans of the classic Moonwatch will be drawn to the Mission to the Moon model, with a silvery-gray Bioceramic case, black dial and bezel.

Personally, I’m drawn to the Mission to Mars with its red case, white dial and bezel, and red subdial hands, which pays tribute to the Alaska Project watch from Perfect Omega Replica back catalog. The blue Mission to Neptune works well, as does the powder-blue Mission to Uranus. Each watch is fitted with a space-suit ready Velcro strap. These watches will undoubtedly be a big hit and are perfect for summer. The only problem is choosing which planet to go for!

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