IWC large pilots pass cheap replica watches 48

The pursuit of innovative technology and original technology, has always been an inexhaustible motive force for the development of the watch. Since the advent of the first pilots watch in 1936, the nations have already begun to deal with the flight of aviation. In the meantime, the brand made a lot of classic pilots watch, accurate performance and unique design makes this series walk in the list of excellent pilots watch. In 2016, the nations pilot series began its route again, launched a new large-scale pilot transmission watch 48, to reproduce the classic style of the year’s unique design and classic unique charm. (Watch model: IW510301)


To pay tribute to the classic watch limited edition watch


IWC replica watches Cal. 52 T.S.C.
1940 million countries launched this 52T. S. C. large pilots watch, as the benchmark for large-size watch, the classic atmosphere it has been the pilot part of the calendar year design source. This year’s large pilots pass the watch is the same, with 55 and 48 two kinds of money, 55 again to reproduce the 1940 classic models of large size. And 48 more in line with the needs of modern watch, although IWC replica are not small, but like 55,48 these two “big fly” is the panacea pilots in the big man. And coincides with the brand to create the pilot watch series 80 anniversary of the launch of these two special timepieces, we can see the weight of the brand in mind.

From the titanium case of large and lightweight


Titanium case display
The use of titanium metal case, this ultra-light material than the same volume of steel to light much more, this is the watch big and not brave the magic of the place. After grinding the titanium alloy lines smooth and natural, reflecting the delicate and tough pilots replica watches uk, very beautiful.

Simple dial show
The dial design is designed with the design of the aircraft’s historic cockpit dashboard layout. The large Arabic numerals and minutes on the matte black dial show the line scale with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating to ensure that the watch is in a dark environment readability. Minute clock, Arabic numerals and propeller pointers retain the classic beige. Blue steel pointer and with a dotted mark at both ends of the triangular logo, is the most representative of the DNA, to show its brand series of magic charm.

Watch crown display
Equipped with a sliding clutch, to prevent excessive damage to the chain lead to damage to ensure the safety and operation of the watch. Large onion head crown, derived from the original pilots table for the convenience of pilots wearing gloves can also operate the convenience design, heritage so far.

Watch the ear show
Polished table ear showing perseverance pilots table texture, while the watch and the strap can be a good connection together, adding a watch the overall viewing experience.

Watch back cover display
Equipped with 59215 manual winding movement, power reserve up to 192 hours. On the full chain can guarantee 8 days of precision travel time, that is to say once a week on the chain can be. The moving display device is located at the bottom of the watch sapphire glass cover small kinetic energy display opening, where the wearer can observe whether the remaining power is abundant. In addition to the kinetic energy display window, the cheap replica watches is also equipped with a soft iron inner shell, effectively prevent the impact of the magnetic field on the watch.

Watch strap display
Inheritance brand history classic money brown calfskin strap design, whether it is thin or heavy clothes can easily wear this watch. Strap is divided into two parts, stitched together at the end, this design can prevent the watch accidental fall off the wrist occurred, for the safety of the watch to provide protection.

Watch the overall display
Summary: there are stories, style, history of the large-scale universal pilot transmission watch 48 is also one of the outstanding watch in 2016. Originally the tough, atmospheric pilots watch, coupled with excellent long kinetic energy and magnetic performance makes this timepiece has a profound connotation, heritage brand of the most unique DNA, together with the modern aesthetic standards of 48 mm titanium case , Is the perfect fusion of classic and innovative. Like this legendary universal 48 “big fly” watch the table friends, may wish to enter the brand store to see its style.

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