Hands-On With The Omega Constellation Exact Replica Watches

Over the years, the Omega Constellation Exact Replica Watches series has undergone many variations and upgrades, from sniper dials to precious metal cases and of course pie dials. These dials have a raised center stage that falls at the angle formed by connecting the hour markers.

With the advent of the quartz era, Constellations with a square casing and battery power has also followed, eager to stand at the forefront of the brand’s technical strength.

The Omega Replica Watches China case tends to have a fully integrated appearance, with no lugs visible. Again, the appearance is suitable for that era, but not as the trend continues to ebb and flow, but a stuck appearance. However, this does not mean that the watch ceases to innovate.

The size ranges from 35 mm to 41 mm, steel and precious metals, diamonds, MoP, two colors…you name it, it may be there. Shown here is the latest 41mm case, steel bezel and light grey feather dial.

Comparing this Omega Replica Watches China with the 42mm Speedmaster shows the importance of the shape and contour of the case. Due to the large size of the case, the Speedmaster can be worn much smaller than the Constellation.

With calipers, the constellation actually measures 40 mm between the paws and 41 mm from the paws. It has a thickness of 14 mm and a tip-to-tip size of 44 mm, excluding a single protruding hinge link.

Most importantly, this is a Fake Omega watch worn on the wrist. Speedmaster has a way to make your wrist melt all day, and you hardly notice it.

Omega didn’t mention the dial on the product page, just labeled it, but unceremoniously: “gray”. The rest of the dial is fairly simple, except for the trapezoidal date window at 6 o’clock, whose bright white base contrasts sharply with the lovely dial.

The rear of the Constellation 1:1 replica watch is also equipped with an excellent engine. Omega is using the 8900 automatic movement equipped with a coaxial escapement. Due to the fully polished crown with a dome design, winding and setting are actually the biggest frustration of this watch. The result is a crown that is very difficult to master.

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